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All posts that are not work-related. Archive for 2012.

Creative spelling

I ran into a post on the Vanity Fair website called "Should Vanity Fair Be a Spelling Vigilante?" which asks the question whether the Vanity Fair editors should deviate from regular spelling of strange-looking words and names. Unfortunately, most of the commenters on this post can't seem to take this topic very seriously. That's a shame, because people learning English waste a decade of their lives learning the truly bizarre spelling of that language.

Read the article - posted 2012-01-14

The mute switch issue

The past week there's been a lot of blog talk about an iPhone going off during a performance of the New York Philharmonic. Apparently someone had just had his Blackberry replaced with an iPhone, and when the iPhone alarm went off despite the "ringer/silent" switch set to silent, the poor new iPhone user first of all didn't notice it was his phone interrupting the performance at first, and then had a hard time killing the alarm.

Read the article - posted 2012-01-19

New iPod battery

This week, I installed a new battery in my fifth generation iPod.

Read the article - posted 2012-03-11

La tour Eiffel - Eiffeltoren - Eiffel Tower

Image link - posted 2012-03-27

→ The 10 features removed from Mountain Lion that we miss the most

Apple's ruthless simplification left Mountain Lion skinnier than we'd like.

Read the article - posted 2012-08-10


Image link - posted 2012-08-27

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